This continues the story of Jo, a teacher from Northern England and 7 of her final year students, on a short break in Amsterdam. All the participants are 18 or over. ***** Jo and Arabella almost fell into the taxi that took her back to the latter girls flat, after their impromptu spectacle in a *** club. They felt pummelled into submission, aching all over and sticky with cum, only partly cleaned up in the club. Glancing at each other in the back of the cab, they burst out laughing, mainly from relief at having survived, pretty much intact. On arrival, they helped each other up to the second floor flat and headed straight for the bathroom. Ripping off the remains of their clothes, they showered together, helping each other to clean off the muck from their bodies and in their hair. Cum was still dripping out of them, in Jo's case, from her Ass as well. They tried to wash out their aching Cunts, with the shower head, as best they could. Quickly drying their hair, they fell into Arabella's bed together and fell asleep in each other's arms immediately, beyond exhausted. they woke up about the same time and groaned at the memory of the previous night, the shame and very public humiliation. Gazing at each other, Arabella started giggling, which set off Jo. "God that was fantastic, I didn't know, that ***, well, you know." Arabella trailed off. "Could be so mind blowing, the best sensation in your life, you mean." Jo replied. "Yes, as you say, earth shattering. Those men, hung like stallions and the stamina. Don't know bout you, but if a man can last two minutes before coming and starting to snore, well that was a good night, but last night, wow. Still, I must get to work" Arabella jumped out of bed and rushed to the bathroom, shouting, "Make me some coffee and toast love." Jo got up and said to herself. "And I've got to face those kids, if even a hint of this gets back to school, I'm finished, career over before it even started. What the fuck can I do?" She had the horrible feeling that the boys, or young men, as they were, in the party, would find a suitable way to make her pay. How could she have been so stupid, to get in the club and perform, never mind letting the kids follow them. Still it was done, couldn't be undone. It just had to be handled, but how? Arabella came out as she poured the coffee and buttered the toast. "Thanks love, I've had nothing but cocks and cum in my mouth for over 12 hours." Arabella, drank and ate as fast as she could and ran out of the house. "Phone you later about meeting for a post mortem, luckily not a real one, OK?" Jo smiled and waved her goodbye, as she sipped at hot coffee and nibbled some toast. Then she went into the bathroom, washed and looked at her clothes. Next problem, just a sheer and short cotton dress, no underwear anymore and sandals. She put them on and gasped as she saw herself in the mirror, she looked naked. Her large breasts and nipples were clear to see, you could even see her pubic hair through the material. No choice, she left the flat and started to walk back to the hotel, trying to cover her breasts as they quivered. Every man she passed, stared, mouth open. The women muttered, "Tart and stupid whore." Finally, at last, she reached the hotel and rushed upstairs. Luckily, the two girls she was sharing with were out, presumably at breakfast. Changing quickly into a tee shirt, shorts and underwear at last, she rushed back out to find the others. It had to be faced, so best get it over with. She found them in the hotel breakfast room and entered to jeers, catcalls and very rude comments. "Shut up for goodness sake, do you want us to be thrown out of the hotel?" Jo settled them with her best Schoolmistress voice. They all sat back and stared silently at her. "Well... well, what?" She asked "It's just, we've never met a özür dilerim star before." Jerry teased. "Oh stop it will you. I'm not that, a özür dilerim star." "You don't seem to understand, I'm shocked rigid, traumatised. My young life is blighted, I may never recover. I think I've got PTSD." Bill finished. "You don't know what PTSD is." Jo said contemptuously. "Do, smart ass, Post traumatic Stress Disorder." "I can certainly confirm the shocked rigid bit. They were all very rigid last night, quite impressive actually." Jerry again. "Sorry, did they give you any trouble?" "Oh, we can handle them, slapped them down OK." "Look, we are not addressing my trauma, what are you going to do?" Bill asked. "Nothing, now what are we going to do today, canal boat ride as we planned?" "Yes, all right Jo, we'll do that. But you can't just dismiss our psychic trauma. We will all need therapy." Dave suggested. " And just what might that be, let me guess?" Jo was getting irritated. "Oh we can discuss that tonight." Jo got up to leave, muttering "That's what I was afraid of." They all joined her and walked out of the hotel together, towards the boat they had chosen before. The trip was very good, covering parts of the city they hadn't really seen before, including a diamond factory. That was something they added to the to do list. Jo wondered if doing her was on the boy's list, sure it was and top of the list at that. To be honest, her motor had well and truly been switched on last night and initiating the boys into the wonders of ***, wasn't totally repulsive to her. They were really quite good looking, but the risks of it getting back to school, too awful to contemplate. Putting it out of her mind, they jumped off the boat and looked for a place to have a beer and sandwich. They all sat round a table, chatting and Jo noticed two hands on her thighs and let it slide, pretending not to notice. In fact, it was definitely enjoyable, dangerously show. If the boys made a move on her, she was not sure she would resist. In fact she was sure she wouldn't. This holiday was descending into a murky, sordid place, but did she care? Not at all. They decided on a trip to a diamond factory and were surprised to be let in, it must have been a slow day. They didn't look like big diamond buyers. It was interesting, seeing the stones being faceted with diamond powder discs. The jewellery in the shop was wonderful, but unsurprisingly, the boys didn't club together to buy Jo a little ring. After stopping for a cup of tea, they went back to the hotel for an afternoon nap, then met at 6 for the evening meal. The boys got back on the subject of how traumatised they were, by seeing their teacher, very publicly gang banged. Jo told them to shut up, it was getting boring. She was handed a package by one of the boys. It wasn't a ring unfortunately, but a set of four furry handcuffs. The plan for the rest of the evening couldn't have been more obvious and the two girls tried to slap the boys down, shame them, but it didn't work. Hands went back to her thighs and under her short skirt. Jo could have dressed more carefully, but she was looking forward to the rest of the evening. Fingers pushed under her thong and stroked her slit, making her wet. But God she wanted it, if someone had pushed her face down over the restaurant table and fucked her, she wouldn't have struggled. They payed the bill and Dave asked, "You coming back to our room for a drink girls?" "No we're not and nor is Jo." Jerry snapped. "I'd better go back with them, talk about last night, school, you know." Jo tried to reassure them. "You're not going to talk about anything tart, how could you?" Lucinda challenged her. Jo didn't reply, there was nothing she could say. She walked back to the hotel, a hand stroking her ass.. They all got into a lift to go up to their rooms and two hands moved from behind, to grip her tits. The two younger girls sighed and stared at Jo, with contempt. They'd tried to protect her, but she hadn't wanted protection. When they got out of the lift, the boys and Jo went to their room, watched by the two girls, who gave up and went to their own room, whispering intently. When they got in the room, the six of them stared at each other, at a loss what to do. Jo broke the spell and reached behind to undo her dress letting it slip to the floor. The boys gasped, her pants were pulled between her labia and the half cup bra, had given up the struggle to contain the 36DD's. "Look this is a one off, I mean it. No discussion of it ever, no talk to friends, family, school friends, clear?" there was a pause. "I said clear?" louder this time. There were muttered yes's and of course's, as she reached behind to undo the bra and push down her soaking pants. Standing quite naked, she said "Well". Hungry hands fell on her, gripping, probing, pinching, as others snapped the cuffs on wrists and ankles. Her head fell back as she enjoyed the mauling, never having felt so many fingers before. The boys stripped their clothes off quickly and it was an arousing sight. All slim, with good bodies and nice cocks tight against their bellies. Jo couldn't help herself, as she dropped to her knees and stuffed the nearest cock in her mouth. She only gave each the briefest suck, but still one shot in her throat and she swallowed, grinning at him. They quickly pulled her to her feet and over to one of the single beds, which had wooden posts at each corner, to cuff and spread eagle her. They just stared, entranced. "
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