Stephanie knew what he meant and crawled on her hands and knees towards him. Raising herself to his waist level, she unbuttoned his trousers and like what he did for her, pulled them down to his ankles. Stephanie noticed from the bulge in PW's boxers and even at semi erect, it looked bigger than any previous guy she had been with. She hooked her thumbs in the boxer's elastic and gradually pulled them down, savouring the reveal. The boxers eventually came off and now Stephanie was face to face with PW's throbbing cock. Instinctively, she grabbed his cock and stroked it gently. She could feel his cock stiffen, growing even more erect, with every pass her hand made until it was standing fully at attention. Her mouth watered.

Maintaining a grip with her hand around the base, her tongue licked up his shaft to the tip. Her mouth opened wide and placed it over his cock, letting it move back down his shaft until she was not able to take anymore. She didn't even make it half way down.

Knowing where her limit was, her lips slid back and forth from this point. Stephanie had only sucked a few cocks in her life but what she lacked in experience, she made up for in energy and enthusiasm. PW's hands ran through her hair whist she bobbed her head passionately up and down his penis, only taking a handful of breaks to catch her breath before returning to the sucking.

"I'm going to cum!" PW warned loudly. Stephanie however didn't stop, she took this to mean to go faster, she was going to use whatever energy she had left, like she was sprinting the last 100 metres in a 400 metre race. "Oh fuck!" Cum shot out of his cock into Stephanie's mouth, filling it up and then some. Satisfied, Stephanie removed her lips from PW's cock and swallowed his cum. Every drop. Smiling the whole time. PW's cock hadn't finished though, a rope of cum leaked out and fell on to Stephanie's face. She could feel it run down from her forehead and down her nose.
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